Ultimate Nachos

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Ultimate Nachos is the culmulative work of Rachel and I. We ate so many nachos that we decided we could put together a book of amazing ideas for nachos. So for the past 2 years basically we've been working on this book and we're happy to present it to you.

The book is filled to the brim with 84 recipes from salsas, guacs and quesos to breakfast, dessert, small bites and huge platters of nachos. We created most of the recipes and then reached out to our friends to give even more. We have recipes from NY Time's Melissa Clark, Dos Caminos' Ivy Stark, Serious Eat's Kenji Alt, the Brooklyn Salsa Company, Cakespy's Jessie Oleson and more.

"What could be more fun than a plate of nachos? I say an entire book filled with irresistible recipes for everyone's favorite crunchy-spicy snack. Lee and Rachel share their best creations, from the deliciously familiar to the enticingly creative, including everything you can think of to go with them. ¡Muchas gracías!" —Rick Rodgers, Bon Appetit contributor and author of Dip It! and Thanksgiving 101

“Ultimate Nachos is the kind of book you will use endlessly for any and all types of nacho cravings. Whether it's nachos for breakfast, late-night, or even dessert, Ultimate Nachos delivers playful and fun twists on the classic, yielding results so delicious you'll never be able to scarf down those sad movie theater nachos ever again.” —Adrianna Adarme, author of Pancakes and founder of A Cozy Kitchen blog

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